Here's to Looking Back (Single)

by Attic Wolves



The first single from our new record called "Volume & Boldness" available for download 7-22-14! Please, tell your friends about this band.


I was a young man then a'lookin' for a shore
A place to hang my hat and a land I could explore
I had my mind made up and all my bags were packed
But that's when you showed up and knocked me on my back

I picked myself up off the ground and I shook it off
I said, "Hey what you want?" and you just looked at me and scoffed
You said "You know darn well what I came 'round here looking for
And when I get you'll be begging me for more"

Oh, I remember well
Oh, Back before we fell
Oh, Before we got off track
Oh, Here's to looking back

So I cleaned up and quit my rough and rowdy ways
I saddled up with you and we rode off for days
And oh the thrill of love we had still fills my mind
Or maybe you look more alluring from behind

Then right before our eyes the days turned to a year
And I was thinking maybe I could settle here
So I hocked my gun and got a diamond in its place
But when I knelt down you rode off without a trace

Where did I go wrong? We were going strong
I was loyal I was true, I was so in love with you

Well I guess that's over now what's passed is in the past
And I've set sail since then though I'm flying at half mast
And every now and then when the wind casts me about
I think of you and how your lovin' knocked me out


released 10 June 2014



all rights reserved


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