Volume & Boldness

by Attic Wolves

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released July 22, 2014



all rights reserved


Attic Wolves Kansas City, Missouri

An alternative folk band from Kansas City. Five young men bringing an endearing sound and a new fire to folk music.

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Track Name: Here's to Looking Back
I was a young man then a'lookin' for a shore
A place to hang my hat and a land I could explore
I had my mind made up and all my bags were packed
But that's when you showed up and knocked me on my back

I picked myself up off the ground and I shook it off
I said, "Hey what you want?" and you just looked at me and scoffed
You said "You know darn well what I came 'round here looking for
And when I get you'll be begging me for more"

Oh, I remember well
Oh, Back before we fell
Oh, Before we got off track
Oh, Here's to looking back

So I cleaned up and quit my rough and rowdy ways
I saddled up with you and we rode off for days
And oh the thrill of love we had still fills my mind
Or maybe you look more alluring from behind

Then right before our eyes the days turned to a year
And I was thinking maybe I could settle here
So I hocked my gun and got a diamond in its place
But when I knelt down you rode off without a trace

Where did I go wrong? We were going strong
I was loyal I was true, I was so in love with you

Well I guess that's over now what's passed is in the past
And I've set sail since then though I'm flying at half mast
And every now and then when the wind casts me about
I think of you and how your lovin' knocked me out
Track Name: Safe & Sound
"If you love me, you're a no good fool!"
Yes, I'm a fool, and you've got me good

Panic sets in and finds a place within to call home
And I expect old fears will resurrect in my bones
And if you feel the same my girl well, you have got me fooled
Yes, I'm a fool and you've got me good

You scratch my back and I keep your hands warm
We'll keep on track even when the rails get worn
And if you're not going my way you've got me fooled
Yes, I'm a fool and you've got me good

Close your eyes and remember the night
We wrote on our hearts "I'm yours"
Love was found and as our feet left the ground
Our float turned into a soar
And we'll show no signs of coming down
Above all else, keeping love safe and sound

We'll have our share of rough and tumble all the way
But I'm prepared to pass on grace with each new day
And if you're not all in dear, you have got me fooled
Yes, I'm a fool and you've got me good

Panic moves out, oh there's no room for doubt in my mind
And I expect that in the end we'll both be fine
You said "If you love me you're a no good fool"
Yes, I'm a fool and you've got me good

Track Name: It's Not Over
If you go don't let me know,
And if you stay please don't say
It's just a friendly game
Of keep away from me

If you find that in time
Another love has crossed your mind
Just give him a call
Please don't stall for me

It's all over
It's all over
It's all over
Over my head

If you ever think of me
Just brush it off casually
'Cause I think of you everyday
I just can't make it go away

As I sit, as I think
I take a sip, another drink
And I say a prayer
And say I'll stop I swear

It's all over
It's all over
It's all over
Over my head
But it's not over
It's not over
It's not over
In my head

3a.m. on 35 and there's no end of you in sight
You painted me a starry night, now I can't let you go

I don't wanna, I just don't wanna be
I don't wanna, I just don't wanna be
I don't wanna, I don't wanna be this way

I don't wanna, I just don't wanna be
I don't wanna, I just can't stand to be
I don't want to be this way in my head
Track Name: Leave Me Be
Like a moth to flame each time she calls my name
With lips of poison her words are lies
To keep me down, keep me under she tries

She says "This is who you are now, it's how you ought to be"
I'm sorry to be disappointing, but darling that just isn't me

And I tried volume and boldness flawed ways to approach this
Intensity falls on blocked ears
So this time I'll lean in and speak gently these words sent intently
Be careful so that you may hear
I need you to leave me be

And your doubt I've earned
Returned to you, I've turned my back on lessons learned
I paid you attention, I paid in rebellion, He paid in blood
My fall followed pride, and I cannot hide, remorse is a flood

She says "You won't be worth more than you are now,
And sorrow is all that you'll know"
She whispers these lies and she tries, and she tries
But only One sits on the throne
Track Name: I Know Who You Love
Drove up the California coast on a road curved like a snake
I got lost in those orange groves lining that P.C.H.
I don't know how to love, don't even know who I am
I've got a father who's a drinker, and my mother's been born again
And I'm singing

I know, I know who you love
And I know, yes I know it ain't me
I know, I know who you love
And I know, yes I know it ain't me

I heard your voice breaking through like a green light in the fog
Bay area bread bowl baby I could never get enough
Cold crater lake water and a snowman in June
I never meant to fall in love but some things you gotta do

Between the trees of those Portland streets you would fall in love
I wish you both the very best and then move on
When you think of me I hope you hear this song
'Cause I'm singing, we're all singing, I know who you love!